420 West Lakewood

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Over 100 years old

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Previously a grocery store

Situated along Durham's horse and buggy tobacco trail, 420 West Lakewood Avenue burned down and was rebuilt in 1945 by Piggly Wiggly. Through expert renovations it's history and character have been preserved in the original brick work and wood construction.

Classes are held in the naturally lit ground-floor that has been up fitted with state-of-the-art performance floor and six foot mirrors to help you hone your alignment and technique. Threehouse Studios provides:

  • Props -- blocks, straps, weights, bolsters, foam rollers

  • Yoga mat rentals

  • Free hand towel service

  • Free wifi

  • ADA approved ramp entrance


With an intimate stage and elevated VIP seating, Threehouse is a unique venue. If you are looking for a place to perform, or to have a night out, this one of a kind space is a beautiful backdrop to your experience. 

Downstairs there is plenty of space to change, and make yourself comfortable before or after class. The desk is always attended during hours of operation so there will be someone available for any questions or concerns. Whether coming or going, check out our boutique, which features local designers, artists and makers. 

From reusable towels in the bathroom, to wind turbines on the roof, Threehouse aims to be an eco-friendly facility. 


Parking lot

With only 4 marked spots plus one for those with disabilities, we expect you to park wherever there is space.


Overflow Lot

The gravel lot beside our building is open after 5pm and on the weekends (when the construction site is clear) for parking, please conserve space and get close! 


Street Parking

The streets surrounding the studio, Blackwell and South Duke, have public parking available.