Josephine McCrann
co-OWNER, E-RYT 200, e-RYT 500

 Since her childhood in North Carolina, movement, health and creativity have been central foci for Josephine. She is a visual artist, dancer and traveler. It is through yoga that she has best found a way to integrate these passions.

Josephine began practicing yoga in 2006. In 2013 she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yax Yoga Concepts, for both Vinyasa and Stationary systems. She completed her 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training, also with Yax Yoga Concepts, in 2015. She has practiced in studios all over the world, participated in workshops with leading teachers and continued her education with various trainings. Sharing this knowledge with others is her great joy. She is thankful to be a part of the Durham yoga community and is honored to assist as others move forward, wherever they may be on their path.

courtney Owen-Muir
co-Owner, ryt 200

Courtney OM brings her Toronto strength and soul straight from Canada.  In 2004 she began her practice as a means of cross training for her demanding dance career. It quickly became a regular part of her physical and spiritual regimen.

She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 while in Tulum, Mexico with Hot Asana Yoga University. Coming from a long history of technical dance training, her classes are dynamic and rhythm driven. Expect to get lost in movement, sweat and energy; for struggles to be met with ease, and challenges to turn into victories. 

Dave Jennings
Ryt 200, RYT 500

Dave found his way to “yoga” via P90X. When he was first invited to try a hot yoga class at a real studio he resisted, being pretty sure he’d die in the heat. After several months, he took his first class, was hooked and immediately began practicing almost daily. Hot yoga provided the strength and cardio he wanted - always looking for a hardcore workout - but the mental effects were the most profound. ADHD has been a lifelong battle, but while practicing, his focus and sense of calm were drastically improved without medication. This “moving meditation” worked and he wasn’t the only one who noticed - everyone close to him saw the difference as well.

Dave started practicing under the Bishnu Ghosh lineage and competing nationally in that style. Yet he has found that there is something to learn from all yoga varieties and currently teaches both stationary and vinyasa style classes. While practicing, he wants to find the balance of effort and ease on his mat - with a heavy dose of sweat - and when he’s teaching, he want to bring the same to whoever is on their mat.


Lindsay Michel
RYT 200

Lindsay’s life always has been centered around adventure. A graduate of both Outward Bound and NOLS, Lindsay believes that the path to growth requires you to get out of your comfort zone. It’s that spirit that led her to cycle across the United States twice, run 14 half marathons and summit mountains in four continents. It’s also what led her to 200-hour yoga teacher training with Hot Asana University, where she learned that stillness is often more challenging than running, biking, hiking or climbing.

Lindsay strives to create classes that help yogis of all levels “feel each pose from the inside out,” stretching, strengthening and engaging their minds, bodies and spirits to facilitate personal growth, health and wellbeing.



Whitney Garner
RYT 200, RYT 500


Juliana Newbold
ryt 200


Lara Goodrich Ezor
RYT 200

Lara came to yoga with a tired body and an anxious mind and - over time - found both renewed on the mat. Through her classes, Lara encourages others to embrace the present moment and their whole selves with fearlessness and compassion, focusing on strength, fluidity, and quieting the mind. She began and deepened her yoga practice at O2 Yoga in Massachusetts and completed her 200-hour teacher training through Carolina Yoga Company. 

An avid hiker, Lara has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. She also takes her love of joyful, expressive movement off the mat by teaching BollyX, a Bollywood-inspired, cardio-dance class.

Tanara hansen
RYT 200

Tanara first found yoga at the age of 20 and, like many other stories, in the beginning it was a purely physical endeavor. Immediately hooked on the sweaty detox and the lightness she felt after wringing, twisting, and moving her body during practice, yoga quickly became a regular routine. 

Several years, hundreds of practices, and many styles of yoga later Tanara is a true believer that the benefits of the poses unconsciously radiate out into every aspect of mind, body, and spirit transforming practitioners from the inside out. 

Tanara completed her 200hr teacher training in 2017 at Island Yoga Aruba with Rachel Brathen. She loves to create energetic classes that build stamina, push limits, and come back to the breath. Her goal is to share the practice as a tool to promote a strong, centered, and courageous life.


Blake Stockton
Ryt 200

Blake has been practicing yoga since 2014 and completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in December 2018.  With an athletic background, she was introduced to yoga while playing soccer overseas and fell in love with matching movement to breath. Blake’s Caribbean roots bring color, energy and excitement to everyday life, and therefore, each class. She aims to lead a fluid and organic practice with a focus on breath-initiated movement, modifications, decisive sequencing and a few punch lines sprinkled throughout.  Blake hopes students leave class feeling confident and at peace in their own mind and body.  


Mary Lewis
RYT 200

Mary has always taken a high-curiosity approach to fitness and sports; in college she took 12 PE classes. For her, exercise was a fun way to manage life's stresses and she enjoyed rotating fitness regimes. In 2014 she took her first hot vinyasa yoga class and was hooked on the post-yoga feeling that lingered long after class ended. Mary’s commitment to her yoga practice deepened in 2016 after IT band surgery limited her physical activity and forced her to slow down. Months of modifying postures led to a change in how she viewed her practice. Instead of pushing herself over the edge physically, she began to focus on what her body was asking. The grounding and peace she found in her yoga practice led to her decision to pursue her 200 hour teacher training through Hot Asana Yoga University . Since graduation, she has continued her training with prenatal/postpartum yoga, myofascial release and advanced anatomy. Mary strives to lead classes that are fun and accessible to all yogis and hopes to create space for students to develop a strengthened mind-body connection