3HS is home to OM grown dancers

501(c)3 non profit organization


OM grown dancers is a contemporary based movement company established in Durham, North Carolina in 2016; founded and directed by dancer/choreographer Courtney OM.
Ms. OM, a migrant from Toronto Canada, has established a reputation for captivating storytelling with influences in intricate partnering and complex floor work, all which have harvested to become her notorious trademarks. The dancers (The OMIES) as a whole, are mechanical yet lively group of dancers who’s saga’s reflect each of their individual real-life experiences.


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The Company's Mission

To generate movement and evoke emotions through physical and synergistic harmony. They are committed to providing professional experiences and memorable performances. The roster and talent of those involved with OM Grown, is comprised of experienced collaborators.


young dancers...

OM still growing is an opportunity for younger dancers (ages 11-16 years) who are serious about contemporary dance, to train alongside professional dancers in the community. Check out the website for more information.