courtney Owen-Muir
co-Owner, Choreographer

Courtney OM, a native from Toronto Canada, has been teaching contemporary dance classes, internationally, since 2011.  Her work has been recognized as emotionally driven and physically demanding, captivating many audiences. She has produced works for professional dance companies along the east coast, created works for competitive studios and is scheduled to share her original works with local colleges and universities this season. Courtney is excited to share her talents as a teacher and choreographer at Threehouse Studios. She will  be teaching contemporary and technique drop-in classes, as well as leading her professional dance company, OM grown dancers.




Steven was born in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico and began studying Karate, Judo and Kong fu, specializing in Khatas and became recognized in black belt at the age of 13. It was at 13, that he decided that dancing was his passion. 

Steven moved to San Juan in 2004 where he attended The University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus; there he studied dance. He discovered his passion for contemporary movement while working with Petra Bravo, founder and artistic director of Hincape and was later invited as a company dancer. Additionally, Steven performed works by Petra Bravo, Norberto Collazo and Viveca Vazque. In 2009 he joined the company Andanza and worked with respected choreographers from Puerto Rico, Spain, Brazil, and Canada. In 2015 he moved to North Carolina and began working with Ronald West, dancer and founder of BlackIrish Dance Company. In 2016 he joined Blackbox Dance Theater directed by Michelle Pearson. Steven instructs classes throughout the triangle. 


Brittany Harlan


Jose velasquez


anthony Nelson

Anthony "Ay-Jaye" Nelson Jr is a Durham native performer, choreographer, and instructor. With Hillside High School being his first dance home, he has thus branched out broadening his movement vocabulary and technique with a particular focus on modern movement, release technique, hip-hop, heels, and jazz influenced styles. He has been featured in various Dance Theatre performances and has also performed works for Chris Grant, renowned choreographer for Beyoncé, Leah Wilks of VECTOR, ShaLeigh Dance Works (SDW) and continues to perform around the Triangle with various independent dance organizations such as The Triangle Dance Project, Tobacco Road Dance Productions, DIDA and more. Anthony is currently a primary dancer of ShaLeigh Dance Works (SDW) under the direction of ShaLeigh Fairbanks.


Lara goodrich ezor

After years of long-distance running and hiking, Lara found herself craving a more joyful and expressive form of movement. In 2015, Lara wandered into a BollyX class in Somerville, Massachusetts, and she was immediately hooked. Though she didn’t previously think of herself as a dancer, Lara has come to believe that dancing is for everybody - and every body! In her high-intensity, Bollywood-inspired class, you can expect to get sweaty, unleash your inner rockstar, and smile the whole way through.